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Issue 1/2019

Exploration and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in ruminant and grassland systems

Submissions until June 30, 2019

Guest editor: Dr. Claudia Heidecke (Staff Unit Climate Protection, Thünen Institute)

Today the pure numbers of ruminants, their methane emissions, their worldwide feedstuff demand and the related emissions, as well as improper and inefficient use of their excrements make them one of the biggest sources for greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. We also face grassland systems that are overfertilised, overgrazed and destroyed due to missing concepts for their use under protection of their ecosystem services and soil carbon stocks.

This situation still evokes many scientific questions how to build appropriate and climate friendly ruminant and grassland production systems in different parts of the world. Also we need to find ways to curb the consumers demand, e.g., for milk and meat from ruminants. We have to develop strategies for a rapid worldwide conversion of production and consumption to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

- Call for Papers and Opinions – First Issue 2019

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