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Issue 2/2020

Agroecology – Can we change our food systems?

Submissions until March 31, 2020

Guest editor: Prof. Dr. Jens Dauber (Thünen Institute of Biodiversity)

The strict integration of agro-ecological concepts into food production is fundamental for combining local resources with agricultural production. It is also essential for securing the future stability of our global and local food systems. Food sovereignty, meaning independent selection, production and consumption of food products, can be a driving idea for local action. But both small holder farmers in local markets as well as farmers in globalized markets need perspectives for their future existence, for the stability of their systems, and multidimensional goals for production – including, for example, high efficiency and nature protection. This field is wide and not really new – but comprehensive ideas for scientific, practical and social development are still needed.

Tell us about your experiences in and visions for this field. 1) How can agroecosystems be stabilised to generate and secure future food production and income for the farmers? 2) Can agriculture be improved to be a future basis for local work and wealth? 3) What do farming systems based on agroecology concepts look like? 4) What strategies foster the integration of those concepts and the future transition of agriculture?

- Call for Papers and Positions – Second Issue 2020

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