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Instructions to reviewers

Article Types

Landbauforschung publishes Research articles, Review articles and Position papers. In Landbauforschung, 6,600 characters including space characters and punctuation constitute a printed page (text only).

Research articles present original new research results. The material should not have been previously published elsewhere. The novelty of results and their possible use in further development of sustain-able and organic agricultural systems should be clearly claimed (length up to ten pages incl. tables and figures, references are not included and limited to 60).

Review articles present new overviews generated from existing scientific literature to analyse the current state of knowledge. Conclusions on necessary consequences for further sustainable develop-ment of agricultural systems and research needs shall be drawn (length up to 20 pages incl. tables and figures, references are not included and unlimited).

Position papers present science-based opinions on new, or possibly disruptive, developments in sustainable agricultural systems. Authors should use scientific references to validate and approve arguments for a position. These papers shall allow the reader to understand controversial positions and to find an own position. Position papers should be limited to a maximum of 10,000 to 20,000 characters including space characters and punctuation (converted in English words: 1,600 to 3,200 words; length up to four pages text; figures, tables, photos and up to 40 references are additional).

Peer review

We would appreciate your assistance in the peer review of this manuscript that was submitted to be published in the scientific journal Landbauforschung.
Please download reviewer instructions and
send your peer review to landbauforschung@thuenen.de.

Your review should contain the following aspects:

Reviewer Blind Comments to Author

  1. A very short summary of the aim of the paper, its main findings and conclusions. Check if the main topic of the article fits in with the specific issue of Landbauforschung.
  2. General comments on strength and weaknesses of the paper and on possible improvements.
  3. Detailed comments referring to the line numbers, figures and tables. Please be as specific as possible, and indicate why something has to be revised and how it could be improved.
  4. A check if all conclusions are justified and supported by the results.
  5. A check of the need for tables and figures, and the adequacy of the references.
  6. A check if title, highlights and abstract are matching the scope given for the specific issue of Landbauforschung.
    Note that the authors will receive a copy of these specific comments, and a thorough evaluation of the paper is most helpful for the identification of the work's strengths and weaknesses, especially when a revision is necessary. Please clearly identify what revision is required.

    Reviewer Confidential Comments to Editor
  7. Any confidential comments you wish to make. Make sure that these are consistent with your comments to the author.
  8. An evaluation regarding the originality, scientific quality and significance and quality of presentation.
  9. A comment on the English language and readability of the text.
  10. A clear recommendation for the publication of the manuscript:
    a. accept in the existing form
    b. minor revisions needed
    c. major revisions needed
    d. reject

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please check Reviewer Instructions.

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